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“Tidelands to Timberline” Natural History Course – NOW FULL!

Author: Erik Kingfisher | 01/31/17

Tidelands to Tim,berline Natural History Course

Tidelands to Timberline course participants study local plants, fungi, animals, geology, climate, and ecosystems through a series of field trips and study sessions.

Our popular natural history course, which runs this year from Friday, April 14 to Friday, June 2, is now full. To put your name on the wait-list in case a space opens up, contact Erik Kingfisher at [email protected]

“We live in one of the most biologically productive environments in the world, full of incredible plants and animals all interacting with each other in ways we never would have imagined only a generation ago. This course will help participants really get to know this part of the world.”

– Erik Kingfisher,  Jefferson Land Trust Stewardship Director

The course is primarily based on field trips to public and private nature preserves.  After an introduction session on April 14, each field trip afterwards will be approximately 6-8 hours and will showcase specific habitats, highlighting the plants and animals that occur there, and exploring the various geological, climatic and other conditions that create each habitat. Beginning in the marine environment, each field trip will progressively head up the watersheds, visiting the shoreline, streams, wetlands and forests, all the way up to the snowfields in the subalpine environment.

Whether you are just curious about the natural world around you, are looking for a more meaningful connection to nature, or want to become a volunteer for Jefferson Land Trust, this program is for you.

For more information, contact Erik Kingfisher at (360) 379-9501 ext.103 or by email.

Natural History Course Outline