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Land Trust protected properties

iconWelcome to Jefferson Land Trust

Helping the community preserve open space, working lands and habitat forever

Jefferson Land Trust is a private, non-profit, grass-roots organization. Our mission is to help the community preserve open space, working lands and habitat in Jefferson County on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

Boulton Farm... Forever!

photoBy Selden McKee

John Boulton looks out over the farm that has been in his family for 70 years, and knows it will continue to be a working farm for generations to come. His assurance comes from the fact that he has sold a conservation easement on his 142 acres of farmland to Jefferson Land Trust. The easement is a legal contract to keep the land intact as a working farm in perpetuity. It stays with the land and is binding on all future owners. This is the tenth working farm the Land Trust has protected with conservation easements.

Boulton’s father bought the land in 1944, but it had been in agricultural production from the early 1900’s. His family ran a dairy, and later raised beef cattle. The rich soils were continually replenished with cow manure mixed with wood sh ... more »

Saving A Wild River

This winter, we had more success for the future of wildlife along the Duckabush River with the protection of a 22-acre property, now officially known as Duckabush Wetlands Preserve. Located less than 800 feet away from the Duckabush Oxbow Preserve, which we protected in 2010, this land on the north bank of the Duckabush River has about 650' of shoreline, a grassy open area of about 2 acres, and a forested wetland.

The Duckabush is rich habitat for many species. Its waters are a haven for spawning salmonids--chinook, cutthroat, coho, pink salmon, and federally-endangered summer chum and steelhead. Harlequin ducks breed here. Elk, bear, and beaver are resident--along with many other species. Spotted owl occur in the area too. Riparian habitat corridors like this one are important ... more »

Northwest Naturalist Program: Explore local ecosystems from tidelands to timberline

photoLocal naturalists have teamed up with Jefferson Land Trust to organize and lead an innovative natural history course taking place throughout Jefferson County. The Northwest Naturalist Program is designed to provide participants an opportunity to enhance their own knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the natural world while watching wildlife and experiencing public and private nature preserves.

“We live in one of the most biologically productive environments in the world, full of incredible plants and animals all interacting with each other in fascinating ways” says Erik Kingfisher, Stewardship Director for Jefferson Land Trust. “This course will help participants really get to know this part of the world”.

The plants, fungi, animals, geology, climate, and habitats ... more »


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